Kids Room

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Kids Room

Don't get frustrated while trying to organize the messy kids room. Here are some great storage ideas for your home.

In the kids room.

Of all the areas of the home that HandiWALL® can be used, kids spaces are by far our favorite area to brag about. The combination of the everlasting HandiWALL®, totally adjustable HandiACCESSORIES™, and active children is a match made in heaven. Cover the walls of any play area with HandiWALL®, throw in some lightweight shelving, a few baskets, and some hooks, and never have to worry about repainting or patching holes in drywall again. Kids and parents alike will love the ability to quickly swap out and adjust the location of different accessories based on the ever changing needs of a growing family. Children’s organizational needs are never going to be the same year to year, so why use an organizational system that can’t change with them?.

An easy way to store all the small items.

There are a several accessories we can suggest that can help jump start the creation of the ultimate play room.

Clear bins are a great way to visibly store items.

Clear storage bins hold a large amount of items while allowing easy access to the contents which are visible.

Tilt bins are easily accessible.

Tilt bins are a great way to store smaller items, such as arts and craft products, jewelry, or game pieces.

The HandiNET.

Keep stuffed animals and other plush toys off the floor using our HandiNET.

The workbench can be folded up to save space.

When it comes time for coloring or homework, give children a stable work surface with our folding work bench - the legs are height adjustable and when it’s not being used Mom or Dad can easily fold up the table flush to the wall.

Easily store items in our office accessories.

Our office accessories are also a perfect way to organize children's books, crayons, markers, and other children's learning tools.

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