Office Spaces

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Office Spaces

Whether it’s at a commercial or residential location, the office tends to be where many workers spend most of their day, which is why office organization products are always in high demand. Don’t waste time with office products that are limited in their use or take up valuable desktop real estate, instead look to HandiWALL® and our full line of HandiOFFICE accessories to provide a completely adjustable office organization system. We offer products that are not only built to last a lifetime, but are also highly effective at keeping office products organized and easily accessible, all while keeping the work surfaces clear of clutter.

In the office space.

Here are a couple of suggested HandiOFFICE accessories that will help you and your clients start creating a highly organized and efficient office environment.

Organizing the desk.

The Phone Holder immediately frees up space on the desktop by taking an item that commonly sits on the desk, the phone, and elevating it up off the workspace. Organize files, binders, and papers while keeping these documents easily accessible using a variety of paper trays and binder organizers. A sturdy, yet lightweight shelving, such as the HandiSOLUTIONS™ resin shelves, allows users to create additional flat storage surfaces in their office area with the flexibility to change the location of the shelf to fit their changing needs. Clear storage bins are finding their way into office environments as they provide a great storage spot for cell phones, keys, and other miscellaneous items. Finally, there is no need to hide writing utensils tucked away in a drawer; instead keep pens, pencils, and markers off the desk and within easy reach using our black or clear pencil pencil cups.

Color match your office.

The resin shelves are color matched to our HandiWALL® for a seamless look that compliments the office space well. Our office accessories come in black or gray colors, and as shown in this photo, the gray accessories look great with the gray HandiWALL®.

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