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Several HandiWALL® colors shown.

HandiWALL® is the cellular PVC slatwall base which can be directly installed in full eight-foot or four-foot panels. The panels can also be cut to size to fit tighter storage spaces.

HandiWALL® allows a flexible layout that easily adapts to changing storage needs over time.

Scroll down for part number information, various ideas for application, product features, and technical quality and attributes.

White HandiWALL®.



Taupe HandiWALL®.



Gray HandiWALL®.



Black HandiWALL®.



Maple HandiWALL®.



Oak HandiWALL®.



Antique White HandiWALL®.

Antique White


Victorian Slate HandiWALL®.

Victorian Slate


Graphite HandiWALL®.



Beachwood HandiWALL®.



Silver HandiWALL®.




Baskets | Hooks | Nets | Shelves | Sports | Storage Bins
| Tool Storage | Office Accessories | Kits

The HandiACCESSORIES™ panels. Hooks, shelves, bins and racks can be arranged to tailor fit any storage dilemma. Find your space in need and see which HandiACCESSORIES™ do the job best.

In The Home

Pantry | Mudroom | Laundry Room | Basement | Craft Center | Pet Zone

Organization within the home has become its own market. Adding custom organizers within the home increases its value, not to mention just making life easier. Using HandiSOLUTIONS® to create storage space in the basement, organize crafts and wrapping paper, or free up counter space in the laundry room are a few ways to get more living space in your home. Clear cramped entryways by creating a clutter-free mudroom equipped with shelves, hooks and bins for those backpacks, coats and shoes.

In The Garage

Auto Zone | Garden Center | Tool Bench Central | Recycling Hub | Kids Toy Catch-All | Sport Center

The garage has long been a multi-purpose space and sharing that space can be a challenge. Car enthusiasts use HandiSOLUTIONS® to showcase and protect their cars. Families find a clear path to the minivan when toys are stored in racks and ball nets. Craftsmen and woodworkers install clear bins for hardware, hooks for tools and wire bins for lubricants and chemicals. Maintaining the HandiWALL® is a snap. Simply spray it down or wipe with a damp towel. It is impervious to water and the unique profile prevents water from pooling in the slats.

In The Office

Home Office | School Classrooms | Libraries | Office Cubicles

The office area can be one spot that is hard to organize. With HandiWALL® and the HandiACCESSORIES™, you can store your items vertically to keep the desk surfaces clear and free from clutter. We offer many accessories for all types of office items, from paper trays to pencil cups, phone holders, and binder holders. The accessories are offered in black and clear to make it simple to match any office environment.

Technical Quality and Attributes

Fire-tested by independent laboratory (ASTM E84 Test) ranks HandiWALL® in Grade A (index of 15) for flame spread

3″ on center slats, 12 ¼" high (includes ¼" for tongue and groove connection)

Length, form, fit and function including shape of slats, connection of panels, assembly of slatwall accessories is tested

Incoming Quality Control process is used on receipt of color and materials requirements for lot consistency

Strength testing every production run via in-house calibrated fixture

First piece inspection to match control plan specifications

Product is measured for conformity to requirements

Final audit of manufactured product includes: in process inspections, color match, and length


Product Features

Manufactured in the USA with a blended cellular PVC material that is tested and listed with Underwriters Laboratories

100% recyclable with a resin classification of 3

Strong and durable

Water and moisture resistant, and easy to clean

Smooth satin finish and graining for wood colors provides a high-end aesthetic appeal

Scratch resistant with normal use, and color pigment is throughout making scratches easily repairable and less noticeable

Four (4) panels per carton in eight-foot lengths, and eight (8) panels per carton in four-foot lengths

Color-coordinated installation screws and trim

Profile dimensions: 12 ¼" x 11/16" (0.6875")

Compatible with all HandiACCESSORIES™ and other standard slatwall accessories

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